Frequently Asked Questions

What is Revel?

Can people make money on Revel?

What are Revs?

What is a Collection?

What are Cards on Revel?

What is a Pack?

What is Card rarity?

How are the number of editions determined?

How do I create my first Pack?

Who owns the Cards and editions?

Where do Cards live?

Why are some Cards given away?

What is a Set?

What’s the difference between a Pack and a Set?

How do you form a Set?

How many Packs can I make?

What is Proof of Demand minting?

Do I need to pay for Cards?

What are Offers?

What is the difference between a Public & Private Offer?

How do I counter an Offer?

What is a starter pack?

Who owns a Card and what are the IP/ commercial rights of ownership?

How does Revel address copyright issues?

What is a Non-Commercial License?

Can I buy more Revs?

Can I trade a whole Set?

Can my Cards in a Set still receive offers/be traded?

How can I directly trade with a user?

What is a Joker?

What are bonus Cards?

Can I gift Cards?

Where do my Cards reside?

Can I cash out my Revs?

What is a cool off period?

Why does a cool off period exist?

What happens if a Set of my Cards is locked during my cool off period?

Do Offers Expire?

What happens if a series of my assets is locked during my cool off period?

Do Offers Expire?

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