Community and Content Guidelines

Community Guidelines

  • Revel is an altruistic platform that believes community members should share in the growth and success of the creators they support. As such, defamation, spam, harassment of any sort and discrimination have a zero-tolerance policy. 
  • We believe in transparency and support of diverse thoughts and community. By using this platform you agree to not engage in any sort of hate speech, manipulation, threatening or otherwise malicious behavior

You must follow our Content Guidelines when minting:

Do not try to mint any pictures that are X-rated or could be dangerous.

Content Guidelines

  • All user-profiles and identities must be your own
  • All photos, videos, and media uploaded or minted must be your own or have full intellectual property legal rights to them, and by minting such assets, you agree that all content depicted is permissioned by the third party owner or owned by you, the user
  • It is against the law to utilize a cartoon character that has been granted copyright for commercial purposes without the owner's consent.
  • Impersonating other individuals can lead to your account being frozen & assets locked forever or until further investigation
  • Uploading pictures of anybody, even famous persons, without their permission is prohibited - Do not attempt to mint images of public figures (including celebrities).
  • Explicit, graphic, and violent photos of any type will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of your account as well as inciting any kind of violence through media that fosters support for any terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups, are all prohibited under our terms and conditions.
  • Nudity, sexual actions, sexual services, or content intended to elicit sexual arousal are all absolutely prohibited.
  • Hate is the expression or promotion of hate based on identity and includes hostile symbols, negative stereotypes, comparing particular groups to objects or animals, and other acts. Any indicators of hateful content are strictly prohibited from being minted.
  • Content that promotes self-harm, suicide, cutting, eating disorders, or other self-destructive behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in the instant termination of your account.

Please flag any suspected asset violations in-app and notify our Support team of any suspected rule violations ([email protected]).

  • We will conduct an investigation and take appropriate measures, including terminating the offending account and assets.

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